Project Paper Tree

Paper Tree
20-30 June 2010
Kose, Estonia

The Youth Exchange “Paper tree!” brought together young people aged between 18 and 25 years old in order to discuss and analyze their own role in the decision making process in society concerning regional ecology problems. The main topics of youth exchange were:

– The role of youth in the field of environmental protection;
– The analysis of the existing legislation/practices in each of partner countries what concerns ecology and recycling methods;
– The creation of conditions, tools useful for youth in order to develop together projects aiming to improve the ecological situation of their region;
The project partners are 6 active NGO’s in youth filed from Programs Countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and from Neighboring Partner Countries, Eastern Europe and Caucasus (EECA): Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
The activities we are planning have the meaning to make young people to analyze the ecological situation of their region/country, to compare with other countries and to identify common points/differences between them. The participants will work together on common solution for identified problems, learning from each other. The results will be published on a weblog in order to insure visibility of their work and to develop a communication tool among them after they will return to home countries.
In order to insure the quality of the project and the correct information each group will be asked in advance to prepare a short video about their community/region/country referring to the main topic of the Youth Exchange: ecological thinking. The aim and the objectives will be achieved with the help of non-formal learning methods as working sessions, practical activities outside, communication with local community.

This project is carried out with the support of the European Community programe Youth in Action.”

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